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For those of you who have injured your neck at any point in your life, the term ‘whiplash’ might have come across your mind. The condition is far from fatal, but makes your life super difficult and uncomfortable. Symptoms of whiplash include neck stiffening, neck pain, spasms, numbness, jaw pain, fatigue etc. But none of […]

Inspite of what romanticized western novels would have you believe, self confidence is the key to almost all aspects of happiness and success. Low self esteem is the active reason behind many personal incompetency issues ranging from the feeling of being unloved to feeling inadequate. A person with low self esteem will often pass up […]

A sensitive neck can destroy your entire day. We go through our days slouched over a screen or our telephone, and that stance can unleash ruin on our necks, bringing about wrinkles and significant torment. Regardless of whether because of a physical issue or an abnormal rest, a strained and agonizing neck can stop you […]

Fast food and junk food are the love of today’s generation. Pizza, burgers, fries are the most popular fast foods enjoyed by people ranging from kids to elderly people. But the dark side of it is that it has increased the obesity levels of people leading to some fatal conditions like hypertension, Type 2 diabetes, […]

If you are quite familiar with different types of wigs or hairpieces then today we are going to introduce you to one of the beauty communities, the most beloved and protective custom; the U part wig. It can add an extra layer to your fashion while it is very handy, easy to utilize, and a […]