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Author: Health BM

What is a DNA test? A DNA test is a test that is used to determine an individual’s identity by looking at their DNA. DNA is a molecule that contains the genetic code for a person. This code is unique to each individual and can be used to identify a person. DNA tests are used […]

Whenever you ask any mental health professional about how to help those with either anxiety or stress, they will usually resort to an answer somewhere in the lines of- ‘It differs from person to person’. While that answer might seem like just the easy way out, it has more merit to it than one would […]

For those of you who have injured your neck at any point in your life, the term ‘whiplash’ might have come across your mind. The condition is far from fatal, but makes your life super difficult and uncomfortable. Symptoms of whiplash include neck stiffening, neck pain, spasms, numbness, jaw pain, fatigue etc. But none of […]

If there is one thing that is universally taught across primary schools across the world, it is that water is the most essential element to life. While some parts of the world have access to somewhat clean water, most of it is still left with unpurified or semi-purified water that needs to be thoroughly filtered. […]

A regular topic that has been coming up more and more in the field of human resources and employee development is the term ‘Occupational Health’. At a glance, human life and our day-to-day livelihood is comprised of ‘occupations’. These range from waking up and preparing a meal to getting work done at a traditional workplace. […]