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Why Should You See An Optometrist?

3 Dec, 2021 | Health BM | No Comments

Why Should You See An Optometrist?


Do you know that there are over nineteen common problems that can affect the eyes? Some of these can easily lead to seriously impaired vision if not addressed quickly. Then some can lead to complete loss of vision if neglected for too long. This is why your optometrist is essential to your wellbeing. Some common eye diseases that can have serious effects are macular degeneration caused by age, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma. Some more common eye disorders include amblyopia and strabismus. Early diagnosis and treatment are essential as in some cases, there is a loss of vision or serious impairment which has severe negative impacts on the quality of life. An optometrist is someone who has undergone years of professional training and is licensed to examine, diagnose and prescribe treatments for eye problems. So, with this in mind, let us find out why you should book your next optometrist appointment with Optiview eye clinic.

Three Reasons to Book Your Next Appointment With Optiview Eye Clinic

1. Excellent Quality Guaranteed 

The Surrey optometrist are highly trained and licensed to provide only the best services. Optometry is addressed in a holistic approach that emphasizes whole-body wellness as well as preventative and curative care for your eye complaints. Since 2019, Optiview eye clinic has been rated the best optometrist in Surrey consecutively. This attests to the quality of care provided and confirms the high regard in which their customers hold them. Here, you get the best services with ease and convenience. You can call their customer service line to make enquiries or book an appointment, a process that is hassle-free and quite simple.

2. State of the Art Diagnostic Equipment and Facility

Optiview eye clinic is fully equipped with the best diagnostic machines, including Optomap wide field retina imaging and Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT). This is a non-invasive method of imaging or scanning the eye to get an accurate depiction of its present condition. This means that you get access to the best eye care diagnosis and care. You are sure of an accurate result that will enhance the quality of treatment options available to you.  There is no competition when it comes to the best eye care from a Surrey Optometrist.

3. Full-Service Optical Retail Department

The retail department is fully stocked with various prescription gels, drops, glasses and so much more. They vary the selection of quality frames and lenses enough to suit all ranges of preferences and styles. There is also a vast selection of both prescription and nonprescription glasses, such as Oakley and Ray-Ban. So, whatever your style is, there’s something for you and everyone else. The store offers sales and regular discounts. This is good news as you can get high-end products at a fantastic price when you take advantage of the sales. You can check out their website on to get a full scale of the range of services and products offered as well as price information and sales.


The importance of good eye care can not be exaggerated. There’s a saying that likens the eyes to the light of the body. Like all of our other body parts, the eyes need a holistic healthcare approach that emphasizes whole-body wellness and encourages patients to develop good eye habits. At Optiview eye clinic, the Optometrists actively strive to deliver the best quality service, whether it be diagnostic, treatment, or other services. The laboratory comes fully equipped with the best imaging and diagnostic equipment to ensure noninvasive and accurate diagnosis at all times. In offering treatment options, the retail department comes fully loaded with great variety and options which are affordable. Do not delay, begin now to form good eyecare habits and book an appointment at OPtiview eye clinic for your affordable full comprehensive eye test.

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