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Why a Water Purifier can be the best investment you should make.

28 Jul, 2022 | Health BM | No Comments

Why a Water Purifier can be the best investment you should make.

Water Purifier

If there is one thing that is universally taught across primary schools across the world, it is that water is the most essential element to life. While some parts of the world have access to somewhat clean water, most of it is still left with unpurified or semi-purified water that needs to be thoroughly filtered. Even in cases like the United States, where drinking tap water is normalized- getting a water purifier saves individuals from harmful toxins and inorganic compounds like lead. Lead, if consumed in excess via water, is known to cause kidney problems and lead to high blood pressure.

If you look at the positive side of things, water purification can be effectively taken care of at home. Household purification systems or water purifiers can help you overcome challenges and ensure that the water you drink is safe. Here is how that can help you:

Bacteria and Virus Protection:

With the population of the world increasing everyday, the rise of bacteria and life-threatening DNA is increasing every day. Diseases like cholera, E. Coli and salmonella spread through water ways and may find their way into your stomachs unless proper protection is taken. Viruses in that sense are similar to them, since many parasites have the tendency to survive in aqueous conditions. RO water purifies can take care of up to 99% of all harmful bacteria and viruses while keeping good bacteria alive.

Protection from chemical ingredients

One of the common ways municipalities and national water grids will often make water suitable for consumption is by adding chlorine. And even though this takes care of a few bacteria at the initial stages, the chemical itself has a few issues of its own. Another chemical that researchers are often wary about is THM. THM or trihalomethanes are carcinogens that may be added to water as Volatile Organic Materials to kill dangerous bacteria. THM is known to cause reproductive disorders and various forms of cancer. Water Purifiers will often come with chemical purification, which will take care of unwanted chemicals that may be added to your drinking water at different stages of its journey.

Gives you a better taste

Since tap water is transported through underwater lead-based pipelines and held in less than ideal reservoirs, they will often come with a foul taste and bad odor. The reason why a lot of people prefer the taste of bottled water is their bodies passive distaste for such odors. This is also a bad alternative, since the chemicals tap water comes with also seeps into the plastic used for packaging bottled water.

Water purifiers will take bad bacteria and chemicals out of water. This means the smell you will be left with is the smell of minerals, which is pleasant.

For effective protection against harmful ingredients going into your body, a water purifier is almost a necessity in a developing world. If you are looking for a water purifier in Singapore, check out our partners.

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