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One Area Of Body That Many Individuals Can Be Self

26 Oct, 2021 | Health BM | No Comments

One Area Of Body That Many Individuals Can Be Self

One area of the body that many individuals can be self-conscious of is the stomach and abdominal area. Even with a good diet and exercise regime, excess fat in the stomach area can linger and be hard to lose. The good news is that there are a number of options available that can help reduce excess fat in this area. Generally, treatments to this area fall into two distinct areas, reducing excess skin with laser skin tightening techniques and fat removal.

In her New York City office, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Michele Green has offered non-invasive skin tightening and fat removal procedures for her patients since the technologies were first developed. Dr. Michele Green is an expert in non-invasive cosmetic techniques, such as CoolSculpting®, Thermage®, Botox®, Juvederm® injections, BBL, Fraxel laser, and other skin rejuvenation treatments. With over two decades of experience in non-surgical skin tightening and an emphasis on cosmetic procedures with no recovery time, Dr. Green will help you get the best cosmetic results.

What is stomach laser skin tightening?

Laser skin tightening is a method in which a focused laser helps to stimulate the creation of elastin and collagen in the skin, resulting in effective non-surgical skin tightening. Thermalift, Exilis, and Thermage are all examples of common radiofrequency energy lasers. Dermatologists may also use ultrasonic energy on occasion (Ultherapy).

Dr. Green’s top suggestion for stomach laser skin tightening is Thermage®. Thermage’s laser utilizes novel radiofrequency radiation to heat the deeper layers of the dermis, resulting in smoother, firmer skin. It is a widely used cosmetic surgery that is safe to perform on the majority of the body and requires no recovery time.

Treatment with a radiofrequency laser for skin tightening

Individuals with a small amount of extra or sagging skin may benefit from a skin tightening procedure such as Thermage. Thermage uses radiofrequency heating to tighten existing collagen and stimulate new collagen growth over the next few months. This additional collagen helps further tighten the skin. Though Thermage cannot completely replace surgery in cases of severe extra skin, it is a good choice for those with modest excess skin. This method requires no downtime, and you can continue your normal routine immediately following your Thermage treatment.

Dr. Green frequently uses the Thermage laser to tighten the abdomen area in cases when there is no extra skin. The results of a single Thermage treatment are long-lasting, lasting up to two years. Many of our patients elect for this procedure to alleviate post-pregnancy skin concerns or to tighten skin following a weight loss journey.

FLX Thermage

Thermage FLX is the latest advancement in laser skin tightening technology. Thermage FLX therapy is identical to previous Thermage technology, but with added benefits and refinements. Thermage FLX can deliver radiofrequency radiation with exceptional precision thanks to the integration of AccuREPTM algorithmic technology, and the broader treatment tip enables more pleasant and faster treatment sessions with improved treatment results. Now, patients can benefit from a simple and quick treatment that increases collagen production and tightens the skin to remarkable effect. Additionally, Thermage FLX improves the appearance of cellulite in specific treatment locations, such as the thighs or buttocks.

What is the mechanism of action of laser skin tightening?

So, does laser skin tightening work? Thermage’s unique radiofrequency technology allows for the non-invasive tightening of the skin. Thermage employs radiofrequency energy to penetrate the dermis’s deeper layers while keeping the epidermis cold, which can improve the skin’s suppleness. This intense heating of collagen is what stimulates new collagen development.

The skin tightening procedure is quite straightforward. Dr. Green will meet with you for an initial consultation to discuss your skin tightening goals and medical history and will recommend the best course of treatment. If Dr. Green determines that Thermage is the best option for optimal outcomes, you will come in for the treatment, during which the handheld device will be applied to the treatment area by Dr. Green. The device will then transmit a series of heating pulses to the skin, a process that normally takes about an hour. Thermage is a painless process that requires no topical numbing lotion prior to treatment. You can resume regular activities immediately following your operation, and your results will continue to improve over the next few months as new collagen is activated and the skin is tightened.

Is skin tightening effective on other body parts?

Laser skin tightening with Thermage is an extremely effective method of shaping the entire body. Thermage has been cleared by the FDA for use on the face, jawline, eye area, stomach, arms, hands, thighs, and buttocks. It is frequently combined with dermal fillers, Botox, or other cosmetic procedures to create a non-surgical facelift that results in incredible facial rejuvenation.

How long is the effect of laser skin tightening?

The effects of laser skin tightening are long-lasting. Typically, patients will continue to observe improvement in their skin’s appearance and feel for the first 3-6 months following treatment. Patients can then look forward to 1-2 years of laser skin tightening therapy results. Many individuals are so pleased with the outcomes of a single treatment that they return annually or semi-annually for follow-up operations.

How many laser sessions are required?

Certain patients may require more than one session to attain the best outcomes. The majority of patients, however, receive satisfactory results after just one Thermage treatment session. Thermage is unusual in that its outcomes continue to improve for several weeks to months following the original treatment; however, a second Thermage treatment can be considered at the six-month mark for even greater results and enhanced collagen formation.

Is laser skin tightening a risk-free procedure?

FDA-approved for use practically everywhere on the body, Thermage laser skin tightening is a non-invasive procedure. It’s an amazingly safe and effective technique to boost your skin’s firmness, with long-lasting results and no downtime. As a result, Thermage has established itself as the gold standard for skin tightening and treating patients with mild to moderate levels of loose skin.

Is it possible for laser skin tightening to cause cancer?

Laser skin tightening is not associated with the development of skin cancer. It is FDA-approved as a safe method of body skin firming. Although an aesthetician or medical spa staff is not qualified to detect malignant skin growths, laser skin tightening does not cause skin cancer or any other sort of cancer.

CoolSculpting is a fat-removal procedure.

While Thermage targets skin laxity, CoolSculpting targets fat reduction through a process called cryolipolysis, sometimes referred to as ‘fat freezing,’ which helps shrink the body’s fat cells. Suction adapters are connected to the treatment region, and the skin beneath the pads is chilled, thereby reducing stomach fat. Following the fat freezing treatment, the fat naturally exits the body in the targeted area. A patient can resume their daily routine immediately following treatment, as there is no downtime.

CoolSculpting can be used to target the abdomen, hips, or love handles. Results are visible a few months after treatments are completed. Occasionally, many treatments may be necessary, as each subsequent treatment reduces the amount of fat in the targeted location. Each CoolSculpting treatment can help you lose up to 25% of the fat in the area, which is a substantial improvement.

Additional options for fat Freezing

Vanquish®, an FDA-approved therapy, is another non-surgical alternative for reducing fat from the stomach area. This treatment utilizes radiofrequency technology to burn the fat cells in the body’s stomach area. Following the surgery and for several days and weeks afterward, the Vanquish process aids in the ‘flushing’ of fat from the body, lowering the size and improving the appearance of the stomach area.

Typically, an individual takes six treatments to obtain optimal outcomes, with each session occurring one week apart. One of the primary advantages of Vanquish is that treatment is considered painless and requires no recovery time. Certain patients may feel mild discomfort and post-treatment redness, but these symptoms subside quickly. A patient might anticipate a total waist reduction of between two and four inches, which can result in a rather dramatic change in the overall shape of the stomach area.

If the patient maintains a healthy diet and exercise program, the stomach size can usually be maintained following Vanquish sessions. However, a bad diet and exercise program may result in the reversal of Vanquish’s effects. As a result, neither CoolSculpting nor Vanquish are considered to be viable weight loss options.

How much do operations for fat reduction and skin tightening cost?

The cost of non-surgical fat Freezing and skin-tightening procedures vary according to the size of the area being treated, the number of treatments required, and the patient’s aesthetic goals. When you engage with Dr. Green, she will assess your needs and create a treatment plan that is both effective and affordable.

Fat reduction without surgery vs. stomach tuck

Liposuction and tummy tucks (often referred to as abdominoplasty) are additional popular procedures for reducing the size of the stomach and abdomen and are performed by plastic surgeons. The primary purpose of a stomach tuck is to eliminate extra fat, but it also helps shape the abdomen. Certain persons who have lost a significant amount of weight may retain extra skin or severe stretch marks, which can be difficult to eliminate without undergoing plastic surgery. This surgery is frequently referred to as a “Mommy Makeover.”

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