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Legal LSD- How the hallucinogen might be good for your health.

26 Jul, 2022 | Health BM | No Comments

Legal LSD- How the hallucinogen might be good for your health.


Like most other drugs or psychedelics, the US and other developed nations have had a complicated history with LSD. The drug started out as a mental health disorder treatment during the 1950s and were a matter of regular research well into the 1970s. Under Richard Nixon’s war on drugs, recreational use of the drug was used in 1970, with little research being done to further its original use. That all changed during the early 2000s, as research commenced in an effort to understand how LSD could further brain activity and help recover from anxiety. 

What is microdosing?

Microdosing is a psychedelics-based movement that refers to taking small dosages of drugs like LSD, leading to a bunch of reportedly positive benefits. The size of the dosage is supposed to counteract the possible side effects by taking away the ‘high’ or intoxication associated with such drugs. The microdosing movement started gaining traction in the 2000s and has gained traction among the working and upper class ever since. Here you can find LSD for sale.

Understanding the positives

While all of this seems like diplomatic jargon, microdosing LSD has since taken over as a movement. James Fadiman, author of the 2011 book ‘The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide: Safe, Therapeutic, and Sacred Journeys’, started microdosing 7 years ago and advocates for the safe use of the psychedelic drug. According to proponents of his idea, LSD helps in work efficiency, massively increasing brain efficiency. Steve Job, the founder and the genius behind Apple, credits some of his work to the positive effects of the drug, with new entrepreneurs opening up to accepting similar information.

Steve Fadiman has collected information from 1500 microdosers worldwide and his research points to a multitude of benefits.  Some of these are listed below:

Avoiding Addiction 

Unlike drugs like marijuana or indulgences like smoking or drinking- LSD, shrooms and other psychedelics do not trigger the secretion of addictive hormones. The ‘high’, therefore, is created via non-addicitve chemical triggers in the brain. This means microdosing can help battle addiction to less safer drugs while staying in your senses.

Improved Mood:

If psychedelics are proven to have a concrete effect in one area of your body, it is on your brain. Psychedelics are known to help your nervous system release positive toxins and alleviate stress. This means the overall mood of the user gets gradually uplifted as stress gets removed via microdosing..

Improved Reflexes:

Microdosers of LSD, including those researched under Steve Fadiman’s studies, have referred to an elevated reflex. This means that the drug has the potential to speed up brain activity and help us tackle high stress situations better. In turn, this also means that LSD helps in regulating anger and anxiety when faced with emotional challenges.

Final Words

Ultimately, the positive effects that can be achieved via consumption of psychedelics depend on the reliability of the provider and the usage of the drug. If you are looking to buy LSD, buy it from verified sellers who have legal permission to do so and have an expert team analyzing the needs of patients.

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