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How Getting a NESTA Certification Helped Me, While I Helped Others!

11 Jun, 2022 | Health BM | No Comments

How Getting a NESTA Certification Helped Me, While I Helped Others!

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A few years ago, I was just like any other gym rat. I was holding down a job at Starbucks during the day while spending my evenings perfecting my workout routine. Even though I enjoyed my time at the gym, and was doing somewhat well financially, a lot of my day felt “hollow” and I didn’t go to sleep feeling satisfied. It is then I realized that I did not particularly enjoy my job. It is not that my job was particularly stressful or that I had too much to complain about- it is just that I was not passionate about it. The highlight of my day-to-day life was the 2 to 3 hours I would spend at the gym either working out or helping other’s work out. What brought me the most joy was seeing those who sought advice from me reaching their goals. And over time I slowly came to the realization that this is what I wanted to do day in day out. When I sat down to write this article this morning, I am a much happier person as someone who helps people reach their personal dreams day in day out as a personal trainer. However, it was not as easy as just showing up to the gym and applying- since my career growth would be severely halted by my lack of knowledge and certification.

To understand clients better, plan better lifestyles and have the confidence of those you serve- a NCCA accreditation is essential. There are many types of certifications out there, and I’ve done courses for most of them over the last 5 years. And I can verify that if you are someone passionate about health, wellness, and fitness- NESTA is the only certification you could ever need.

Helping people in the best way possible

As I progressed through my preparation, I had slowly realized that a lot of the advice that I used to give people were not as efficient as some other methods. This means a lot of the goals I had previously set for myself, and others were somewhat unrealistic or unclear. The NESTA certification program ensures that students learn to accurately assess the health, fitness and skill levels of clients accurately. Trainees thus learn to better design grounded workout and diet routines which are backed up by scientific principles. Not only does this mean that my clients have a much higher chance of reaching personal goals, but also that they have more confidence in me as a trainer.

Understand the market better

Not only does the program enable you to become a better trainer with a certificate valid for 4 years instead of the regular 2, it also allows you to understand the NESTA code of ethics better. This means your practice is much likelier to comply with principle and ethical codes which all clients prioritize. NESTA also trains students to plan, market and sell their personal services which ensures that your passion remains competitive.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get NESTA certified today!

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