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Explore New Dimension Imaging With WS80A with Elite

15 Jun, 2021 | Health BM | No Comments

Explore New Dimension Imaging With WS80A with Elite


WS80A with Elite is a product of Samsung Medison, a global medical company that manufactures diagnostic ultrasound systems for commercial purposes. Every year, they integrate new technologies into ultrasound devices for an efficient and innovative diagnostic solution. WS80A with Elite is such an ultrasound diagnostic device, designed to provide next-generation ultrasound diagnosis for women’s health and their well-being. The diagnostic device is designed specifically to adapt new generation diagnostic tools to deliver the finest quality images and innovative features with 5D diagnostic solutions that help the medical professional to make decisions clearly and confidently. Thus, WS80A with Elite is fully dedicated to providing innovative diagnostic solutions in 6 stages of women’s health such as gynecology & breast health, biometry, delivery, diagnosis and visualization of a healthy pregnancy, and many more diagnostic requirements.

To know more about this device and its diagnostic features at various stages of women’s health, stick till the end of this article.

Family Planning 

The Risk of infertility can be checked from inside with WS80A with Elite. 5D Follicle™ helps in measuring the follicle size to get to know about the current stage of ovarian follicle and CEUS+ in 3D/4D examining total morphology of the uterus and endometrium along with fallopian tube in 3D 4D quality. All this collectively combines to help to get a clear idea of the uterus and its fertilization and diagnose if there is a risk of infertility accurately. 

  • Healthy Pregnancy Biometry

Efficient monitoring of fetal health is made easy with WS80A with Elite. The device helps to diagnose the measurement and the growth of the fetus with its semi-automated function feature 5D Limb Vol ™, 5D CNS+™, and Biometry Assist™. 

5D Limb Vol™accurately measures the weight of the fetus from 3 simple seed points on a single volume data set which estimates the fetal weight. Knowing the fetal weight gets to know about the nutritional status of the baby and allows the gynecologist to act accordingly. 

5D CNS+™ tells the status of the fetal brain growth and provides 6 measurements from 3 transverse views using its intelligent navigation behavior. Thus, the fetal brain and its growth path are monitored and viewed clearly along with the axial, sagittal, and coronal views with 9 planes which in turn help to understand the brain growth of the fetal.

WS80A with Elite fetal biometry and the growth of the fetus can be studied effortlessly and accurately along with the HC, BPD, AC, and FL parameters with the semi-automatic technology.

  • Healthy Pregnancy Diagnosis. 

The finest and detailed volume imaging technology of WS80A with Elite delivers realistic 3D/4D images that help to study the anatomical detail of the fetus accurately. On the other hand, Crystal Vue Flow™ combines the morphological information of the fetus and hemodynamic flow of the growth for a better understanding of the fetus in the womb. 

  • 5D NT™ 

5D NT™ gives the nuchal translucency measurement even in the first trimester and helps to attain the ultra-clear view of the mid-sagittal plane by its auto-zooming and rotating technology. So, that the gyno can get an idea of the fetal position and avoid the risk caused in such cases.

  • 5D Heart Color™ 

Fetal heart or cardiac examination is considered as one of the primary diagnosing parts in the pregnancy. With WS80A with Elite’s 5D Heart Color™, fetal cardiac structures are studied clearly along with its parameters. Thus the potential blood flow disturbances of the fetus are demonstrated using the STIC volume datasets of the color Doppler sonography in a single display.

  • Healthy Pregnancy Visualization

WS80A with Elite enables to obtain healthy pregnancy visualization with its realistic 3D/4D images. With the most advanced rendering technologies Realistic Vue™, Crystal Vue™, Crystal Vue Flow™ getting highly defined 3D/4D anatomical images. 

Realistic Vue™ 

Exceptional imaging detail and realistic depth perception are what you get from the Realistic Vue™ technology. The user-selectable light source direction features in this technology create intricately graduated shadows in the spot and provide better defined anatomical structures in the image. 

Crystal Vue™ 

Crystal Vue™ is an advanced volume rendering technology that uses the combination of intensity, gradient, and position and provides a single rendered image with greater visualization. 

Crystal Vue Flow™ 

Crystal Vue Flow™ is another advanced volume rendering technology in WS80A with Elite that provides a clear view of the display vessels with an increased depth perception of the internal vascular structures in different imaging planes. The technology helps to understand the relational anatomy and neighboring vessel structure by the improved spatial precision of hemodynamic flow to morphological information of the fetus. 

  • Healthy Birth 

A healthy birth diagnosis is made possible with Samsung’s WS80A with Elite. The technologies used in the device provide highly detailed information of the cervix to predict the possibility of the patient’s delivery helps gynecologists make more informed management decisions.


With E-Cervix™ preterm birth and successful labor induction can be predicted. The tool measures the stiffness of the cervix area by taking electrographic images of the cervix and predicts the possibility of labor. 

Neonatal/Pediatric transducers 

This helps in getting excellent detailed resolution and more efficient scanning with its highly advanced transducers that help in healthy birth diagnosis.

Gynecology & Breast Health

Samsung’s intelligent solutions come with the latest technological advancement S-Detect™ and IOTA-ADNEX™, that aids the health benefits and wellbeing of women’s health. 


S-Detect™ in Samsung WS80A with Elite is used to detect and monitor women’s breasts by the Breast Imaging-Reporting and Data System (BI-RADS®) standards and scores to classify lesions on the parts of the breast. This supports the gynecologist in a way to rectify the signs of any breast-related problems in an earlier stage and help to prevent them. 


IOTA-ADNEX™ technology is named after the device is designed to adapt the ADNEX* model by the standard prescribed by IOTA** group, to classify ovarian tumors and help the doctor to make the appropriate decisions depending on the time.

Design Aspect of WS80A with Elite

Samsung’s most innovative ultrasound device comes up with a 23-inch LED monitor 23-inch full HD LED display which delivers excellent images in high contrast resolution, ultra HD image clarity, and vibrant color under any lighting condition. It also has a highly sensitive 10.1-inch touchscreen for efficient interaction during the examination process with a transducer cables hanger to neatly hang the transducer hangers on either side of the system. The device is designed with an adjustable control panel to adjust the system to your preferred height for strain-free diagnosis. Other than this, the device also comes up with endocavity transducer holders for holding the transducers during gynecological scanning and discrete storage purpose.

Bottom Line 

Phenomenal intelligence behind the WS80A with Elite shortens the examination time and adds to a more accurate diagnosis with confidence. A thorough evaluation with a robust machine provides the physician a clear view of patient’s health and help to take the decision to make them happier and healthier. 

To know more about the WS80A with Elite and get the device for your diagnostic center visit Dansys, a leading medical equipment supplier in UAE with many years of experience.

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