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Can Covid-19 Vaccines Cause Herpes? – Herpesyl Gets Attention

30 Jun, 2021 | Health BM | No Comments

Can Covid-19 Vaccines Cause Herpes? – Herpesyl Gets Attention

Herpes is the outcome of infection with herpes simplex virus (HSV). It is responsible for sores or blisters in different parts of our body, especially the mouth or genitals. The herpes virus is an infectious virus that can be spread among people via direct contact. Likewise, herpes zoster is another form of herpes virus with similar symptoms.

People have suffered for a long time for the right medication of this virus. Over the years, we have seen different types of medications – such as ayurvedic, antiviral and alternative – in the herpes domain that claim to be effective in fighting against herpes. However, they failed to meet the expectation of the people as those treatments deemed ineffective preventing recurrence of herpes outbreak.

What is Herpesyl Supplement?

A supplement named Herpesyl able to make some noise in herpes world. The customer reviews of Herpesyl revealed that this dietary blend not only evict herpes virus from our body but also helps stop reemergence of the virus. 

Below, customer reviews of Herpesyl users discuss more in detail. Let ponder upon as to whether covid-19 vaccine can invoke herpes virus or not.

Do COVID-19 vaccines Cause Herpes Infections? What Research Suggests?

An article published in the New York Post on April 20, 2021 regarding herpes infection and Covid-19 vaccine made uproar in social media platforms. In that piece, this famous newspaper claimed that “herpes infections may be a side effect of a COVID-19 vaccine”.

The matter got more attention when news channels like Fox News broadcast news based on that New York Post article. Crowdtangle – a social media analytics tool – revealed that this post draws around 25,000 shares on Facebook.

Study to Correlate Rheumatic Diseases and Covid 19 Vaccine

The origin of the article is based on the outcome from a study conducted by Furer et al. The result of the study was published a few days ago in Journal Rheumatology. The rationale behind that study was to gather data to see how safe covid-19 vaccines are in people who suffer from rheumatic diseases.

Rheumatic diseases are a set of illnesses which are held accountable for our poor joints, bones and muscles due to a low immune system. As experts suggest, rheumatic diseases can make things worse for people with Covid-19 complications. However, sufficient data is not available to back this claim.

Furer et al. conducted this experiment on people who took covid-19 vaccine not more than 6 weeks ago. The subjects were divided into two groups. One group represented 491 patients with rheumatic diseases while the other group consisted of 99 volunteers kept in a setting environment. The study revealed that from the former group only 6 patients contracted with herpes zoster after vaccination, while no one developed herpes from the second group.

Covid-19 Vaccines Caused Herpes Zoster?

The best part of the New York Post is that it appropriately indicated the study failed to establish a link between the covid-19 vaccine and herpes zoster. In the same breath, it claimed “herpes infection” might appear as a side effect of the vaccine. As discussed below, this claim turns out to be faulty as people with a previous history of herpes zoster are likely to get infected again.

However, this misleading claim led to a storm in social media networks as the users incorrectly inferred that covid-19 vaccines may lead to herpes outbreak.

Herpes zoster, also named shingles, is a viral infection initiated by the same virus that is also responsible for chickenpox – varicella zoster virus. A chickenpox infected person never achieved full recovery because the virus hid itself in the nerve tissues and remained there in sleeping mode.

In some cases, the virus can rejuvenate later as aching skin sores just like shingles. Factors like stress and depression that help deteriorate the immune system may add to that reemergence process of the virus. Treatments such as glucocorticoids that rheumatic disease patients get may add extra fuel to that immune system weakening process. This weakened immune system makes them more vulnerable to grow Herpes virus.

In other words, the condition does not happen as a result of a new infection as proclaimed by the New York Post. Because in the experiment only patients with rheumatic disease developed herpes virus after vaccination, which can be the aftermath of virus recurrence. If the study had revealed new infections, then the scientist would have found the case of chickenpox instead, which is a different infection.

The likely scenario is that the vaccine may lead to the resuscitation of the virus in a few people who already carry the virus from prior chicken pox illness. However, in the study all rheumatic patients were previously vaccinated. So it is hard to establish the link between herpes zoster and covid-19 vaccine.

The New York Post did also miss the point that Herpes zoster is different from common herpes simplex virus (HSV) though they both belong to the same group. HSV is responsible for infectious sores in some sensitive organs of our body like the mouth or genitals, whereas herpes zoster is invoked by chickenpox.

In conclusion, developing herpes zoster after covid-19 vaccination is not baked by enough scientific evidence. Recurrence of herpes zoster after vaccination has been stated before. Any vaccine can trigger this latent virus into activation not necessarily covid-19 vaccine. However, experts don’t eliminate the notion that people with low immune systems can develop herpes zoster after covid-19 vaccination.

Herpes Treatments: Why Users Put Faith on Herpesyl

Once infected there is no respite from herpes as this virus lives in our body in disguise. Besides, up until now there is no medication that can claim that it helps prevent recurrence of herpes virus. Hence, people are going through that excruciating pain that emanates from sores and itching sporadically. Moreover, this predicament can put one’s self-respect and conjugal life in jeopardy as with those sore around mouth/genitals people are afraid of get close, let alone doing sex. 

To give people relief from this mess, Herpesyl team comes up with such a formula that does not treat herpes on a temporary basis but provides a permanent solution from the virus.

Putting aside what Herpesyl team claims, let’s put emphasis on the customer reviews that fills Herpesyl’s sales page.

Power of Herpesyl Natural Ingredients

A big portion of those customer reviews pour praise on the ingredients that are used in Herpesyl. Through scientific test Herpesyl maker make the customers convinced that those plant extracts works positively on herpes virus. To make things more authentic the teams even runs human trials, which later proved that through Herpesyl intake on can get rid of herpes virus permanently.

The users also like the fact that this supplement not only give an eternal solutions but also works swiftly. Within a few days of usage Herpesyl brings change to users’ body as they claimed. Affordability is another aspect that customers like about Herpesyl as it cuts less money from their saving compare to its counterparts. Moreover, they think 60 days money back guarantee of Herpesyl make their investment risk free.

Apart from curing herpes virus Herpesyl also brings some positive changes in users’ health. Among many improving body skin, increasing immune system, boosting blood circulation and refining memory to mention a few.

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