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5 Healthy Green Juice Recipes to Boost Your Mood

8 Feb, 2021 | Health BM | No Comments

5 Healthy Green Juice Recipes to Boost Your Mood

Juice for Health

Drinking green juices is one of the best treatments for boosting moods. There is no other simpler cure for depression and anxiety than taking two to three glasses of green juices for health sake. This recommendation is a guaranteed remedy for some health conditions. Quality green juices are produced by using premium juicers. Here is a list of juicers available in the markets. Without much ado, let’s see why green juices are beneficial to human metabolism.

Benefits of Green Juices

The color green is a nutritional match that blends with the human system. Green means life. Green fruits are filled with vitamins A, C, E, K, and folate. Also, there are minerals like iron and calcium, antioxidants; carotenoids; phytochemicals, and omega-3s. It is enriched with insoluble fiber that acts like a sponge to eliminate toxins. Green juices balance the body’s pH level and make it more alkaline.

Furthermore, green juice boosts our immune system to heal and cleanse the organs of the body. At the same time, kill pathogenic bacteria, cancer cells, fungi, and plenty of other human internal enemies. Several individuals have gotten a cure or relief from some worse health conditions. Juices are convenient for those that don’t have stomach acid to break down and process nutrients from greens. When greens are chopped or blended with juicers, they are now digestible by anyone.

Folks have been asking me for recipes, so I’m starting you off with a few simple ones.

Here are Five Healthy Green Juices to Boost your Mood

Here are five recommended recipes of green juices that can be used to boost one’s mood. Need a mood booster, try any of these recipes.

  1. Kale and Pineapple Juice

The kale and pineapple juice is one of the easiest to make.

  • Kale (4 cups)
  • Frozen pineapple (1 cup)
  • Water (1 cup)
  • Starters can put in another cup of frozen pineapple or frozen strawberries.
  1. Spinach Banana Juice

Here is a sweet and healthy juice you don’t want to miss. Banana flavored juice is loved by many. After preparation, all you need is to freeze them.

  • 4 cups baby Spinach
  • 2 frozen bananas
  • 1 cup of water
  • For starters: Mix a cup of frozen strawberries or pineapple.
  1. Swiss Chard Strawberry Juice

Swiss chard tastes nice in juices. Also, it is highly nutritious. Some individuals love blending it with berries, but the color might turn into what you don’t expect. It may look like chocolate or something darker.

  • Chopped Swiss chard (4 cups)
  • Frozen strawberries (1 cup)
  • Frozen blueberries (½ cup)
  • Water (1 cup)
  1. Spinach Cocoa Juice

These are lovely blends to taste and try out. It is as lovely as a diary shake. On its own, Spinach is an amazing food. On the other hand, a tablespoon of unsweetened blended cocoa is equivalent to 3-9 % of the required daily intake of minerals such as magnesium, zinc, iron, and manganese. So, the two blends are dope.

  • 4 cups baby Spinach
  • 2 tablespoons of blended unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1 cup of water
  • 2 frozen bananas
  1. Tropical Skin Cleanser Green Juice

This is made using avocado fruit. It is a perfect mood booster. Avocado pear is a sort after a fruit, so many individuals would prefer this green juice.

  • 1 ½ cups fresh Spinach
  • 1 cup unsweetened coconut water
  • 1 cup frozen pineapple
  • ¼ avocado


Sincerely aside from the health benefits of drinking green juices, it also reflects on the skin. It brightens the skin, and this is an obvious effect that people will see. If you need to improve your mood, start with one of these listed green juices.

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