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4 Myths About Circumcision You Should Know Before Doing

8 Aug, 2023 | Health BM | No Comments

4 Myths About Circumcision You Should Know Before Doing


Many males worry about being too old or young to get circumcised. However, males can get circumcised at any age. Still, males get confused about when to go for it as the operation involves one of the most sensitive body parts. Circumcision (learn more) has several myths because of which males may avoid it. Thus, you should be knowing the truth behind misconceptions. 

So, here are the most common myths about circumcision and the truth behind them: 

  1. Circumcision Hurts More When a Male Is Older

Getting circumcision in adulthood hurts more than as an infant since anesthesia is always used before the treatment. Many adults tend to stay busy with their everyday responsibilities. The possible external factors may make your decision more complicated. An adult usually requires to take a break from the normal routine when healing from the treatment. Staying for three days at home is required for recovery before resuming work. The healing process takes up to a month.

  1. Circumcision Needs General Anesthesia

General anesthesia combines drugs that can take you to a sleep-like condition. As anesthesia can be risky, many people tend to avoid it. Circumcision doesn’t need general anesthesia. Local Anesthesia is used to numb the penis for a painless experience. 

  1. Imperfect Infant Circumcision is Untreatable

Not all circumcisions deliver perfect results. Sometimes, a very little portion of a penis gets cut off, while the healing process gets complicated other times. Many people think such problems are untreatable. However, circumcisions are fixable regardless of the operation performed in infancy or adulthood. Men tend to opt for the most effective procedures to treat various issues, such as an uneven cut and extra foreskin. 

  1. Circumcision Decreases Sexual Pleasure

Some people say circumcision decreases sexual pleasure because of the reduced sensitivity of the penis. However, many circumcised men have claimed women get more pleasure from sexual activities. Both circumcised and uncircumcised men can have the same level of sexual pleasure. 

The Bottomline

The above points are some of the most common myths about circumcision. However, now you know the truths behind such myths. You are only responsible for making any decisions regarding circumcision. As circumcision or any other surgery are a complicated process, you tend to get confused when making relevant decisions. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a skilled urologist to ask your queries and get replies that help you to make the right choices confidently.